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An album and documentary(yet to be released) project made with Cuban musicians in Nova Scotia and Havana Cuba.


keith mullins itunes coverISLAND SOL

1. Island Sol
2. Change The World
3. First World Problems
4. Hola
5. Infinity
6. El Diablo
7. In Due Time
8. Infidels
9. Moments In Between
10. Salvadora
11. She Will Play
12. Speak Up





Localmotive Farm

Everything we have created or manifested over the past few years has been sown and grown on this farm, be it vegetables, children, dreams or music. Localmotive Farm embodies our life concept, and this album sums up our life’s effort to do what we love, make something out of nothing, and speak for what we believe in.

Localmotive Farm

1. Somewhere to be [3:47]
2. Trouble [2:51]
3. Si es loco [3:31]
4. Soul Searcher [3:22]
5. Is the City [3:14]
6. Map of you [3:04]
7. Common Ground [3:00]





The Wood Buffalo Youth Song Project

With Keith Mullins, Thom Swift and Steven Bowers.  A positive reinforcement project, 10 songs were written in 10 days, in 10 different schools in the Wood Buffalo area.  The proceeds went towards school programming in Northern Alberta. The cover art was a contest put on in the schools.  It was created by an 11 year old “Ron Patel” and it is entitled, “Our World is Awesome”/


Picture 11

The Wood Buffalo Youth Song Project

1. Always in My Heart
2. Sekwi Na’ Da’ Tser
3. Star Fly High
4. Speak Up Speak Out
5. The North is My Home
6. Show Me What You Got
7. What Would Life Be Like
8. Si Pahk Tipiskaw Kisik
9. Can’t Tie Me Down
10.Blank White Page