Songs for Servicom at The Cave

Keith Mullins and N Kearns Event & Project Solutions will organize a fundraising event at The Cave, Dec 19th in Sydney, Nova Scotia for the over 600 Servicom employees that unexpectedly lost their jobs this Christmas while not receiving their last 3 weeks pay.
25 generous local bands will be volunteering and playing from 5:30pm-1am at The Cave in Sydney.

There are over $3000 in raffle prizes, generously donated as gift cards from various Nova Scotia businesses.

The event will be livestreamed by “CapeBreton LiveTV” and features artists like Carmen Townsend, Keith Mullins, Colin Grant and Redmond MacDougall from Pretty Archie.
If you would like to contribute to this hardship faced by these 600 Cape Bretoners, you can do so at:

All donations are deposited into an account at the Royal Bank of Canada. The account and distribution of funds are being managed transparently by former and volunteering Servicom employees, lead by Dani Momberquette (formerly Servicom HR Dept)

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Media contact/Publicist: Eric Alper


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