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I play at the Inverary Inn Resort in Baddeck, NS usually 5 shows but as many as 10 shows per week from May-Oct 31st. It is always a fun time but last night was exceptional. I was approached by an older couple from Texas who just came to dance. They ordered water and he said he had been dancing since he was 14, growing up in a trailer court where two girls next door needed a dance partner and he had been dancing ever since. I think their names are Burt and Carolyn. They just loved dancing and I had been working on the song Uptown Funk as a one man band style- vocals/guitar/bass drum/tamborine/harmonica all at the same time. I just thought to myself, wouldn’t this make a great video and asked a waitress to record the video on my iphone. Here you go, I hope that these two make your day like they made my night.


Just Another Day

I met Randy Jones, an editor on strike at the Chronicle Herald who had a long time dream of co-writing and recording a song. His latest writing was about the strike. I knew that the Chronicle Herald had been experiencing some really tough times and had been having trouble reaching a deal for far too long. This song is dedicated to the unwavering support from Chronicle Herald workers to keep this legacy newspaper.

The song is available as a FREE download:

Here is the video that we shot:

The Heart of Everything, available for advance, signed copy!

Keith - Cover 5

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While I am playing 95% of the instruments and vocals, there are some featured musicians on the album including Colin Grant(fiddle) and Gordie Sampson. Co-writes include Sampson as well as Chris Kirby and Dave Sampson. The songs were recorded at Lakewind Studios, co-produced by Mike “Sheppy” Shepherd and mixed and mastered by John Kennedy in Nashville TN.


Track listing:

1. Drop in the Ocean
2. Fireflies
3. Hey You
4. Alive
5. Oh No
6. Accident
7. Big Spruce
8. Back to the Land
9. Firecracker
10. Apple of My Eye
11. The Valentine Song

Track for Fort McMurray

This song was written for emergency responders in Fort McMurray during the masssive fires devastating the city. Evacuating 90,000 people from thier homes is not an easy feat. It is a free download from Reverbnation. All I ask is that you contribute in your own way to #yymfire.

Thank you sincerely,

First video release

Here is a teaser for the next album. This is “Hey You”! You can pre-order an autographed copy below and get your name in the credits because you helped to create this project! Thanks for the LIKES, SHARES and support everyone!

This song was inspired by the loss of Keith’s laptop/backup hard drive that included over 100 songs and was returned to him in Fredericton, NB. Inspired by that event then changed/compared to be about a relationship. ENJOY!

Video and editing by Matthew Ingraham of “Renegade Entertainment”.

Hey You
written by Keith Mullins and Jody Nelson
All instruments played by Keith Mullins

Song recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike “Sheppy” Shepherd at Lakewind Studios.

New Album Pre-Order!


I will be making another album. This one will be straight ahead, simple, and focus on the best songs I have to offer these days! I will record it with Mike “Sheppy” Shephard at Lakewind Studios. The theme of the album is of silver linings, inspired by the loss and the return of 8 years of work that was on my laptop and hard drive. The album is called “The Heart of Everything”.

Keith - Cover 5

If you’d like to support my cause, an album pre-order would be awesome! You can pay for whatever you like and leave me your trust and your address. EMT to or you can use the PayPal link (top right).

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3. A concert of your choice anywhere within the Maritime provinces(and a signed CD)- 500$

4. Executive Producer- 1000$ Your name in big letters at the top of the CD credits and a signed shipped cd.

5. Open to anything you like to suggest – could include writing a song for someone,
signed CD release posters, handwritten lyrics, I’m open!

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“Apple of My Eye” aka “Apple of my i”

Here is a NEW VIDEO! Please LIKE and SHARE it, help spread the word.

Keith Mullins playing all the instruments for his song, “Apple of My Eye” written about his 2 sons Grady and Finn but if you listen closely the song was inspired by spilling water on his Apple computer. 😉

aka Apple of my “i”

The song is available at CDbaby:

Fundraiser for IWK raising over 8k with Basinview Community School

Keith has been working on a few projects with Basinview Community School involving many East Coast artists.  Under the direction of Carol Coutts and Keith Mullins, the 600 students spend the year learning the different artists songs and then back the artists in a show to raise funds for organizations in need.  Jimmie Inch and Ian McInnis from Bell Aliant came and filmed the show.  There were around 1200 people in attendance and over $8000 was raised for IWK mental health. Here is Keith Mullins backed by Basinview Community School. This song is called “Purpose”.

“Island Soul” Documentary

Hey folks!

Here is the documentary we made about making an album with some legendary musicians at Egrem Studios in Havana, Cuba.  Myself, Jimmie Inch, Ian McInnis and Chris Kirby made the trek to the studio where Nat King Cole and Buena Vista Social Club have recorded.  Hope you like it!