Bandman/Singer Songwriter/Workshop Facilitator/Multi-instrumentalist/Eco-Farmer/Father from Cape Breton, NS

Music-Chameleon Keith Mullins has been playing music all his life. Raised in Cape Breton, NS where his family played all styles of music from the hits to jazz, from Cape Breton fiddling to country, music runs thick through his blood. Keith is a multiple award winning songwriter with a degree in classical music and has studied with master drummers in West Africa and Cuba. He’s toured the world playing with East Coast’s finest musicians and has worked passionately at the art of music, from creation to performance to production all the while maintaining his focus in the pursuit of forward thinking projects. His album “Localmotive Farm” shares the name with his organic farm in Nova Scotia. His album “The Wood Buffalo Youth Song Project” was a collaborative project where he created a CD that the schools could use for fund-raising. His newest release, “Island Sol”, is a doc./album collaboration between Keith and some stellar Cuban musicians recorded at the famous Egrem Studios in Havana Cuba.

Keith creates music from the soul; the instruments he uses to express it – drums, vocal, guitar – are all secondary. Andrew Fedora, Crowdis Bridge.

Hi Keith,
I absolutely love it! Expressive, soulful and just really groovy Keith ………. the sounds are awesome, the songs genuine, this is really a work of art brother …. Congratulations on what “I know” for you is the product of years of work on your craft. You’ve given it a voice, a musical identity of your own to share with the world. Drive ‘er eh!

Fred Lavery
Lakewind Studios