Viral Video

I play at the Inverary Inn Resort in Baddeck, NS usually 5 shows but as many as 10 shows per week from May-Oct 31st. It is always a fun time but last night was exceptional. I was approached by an older couple from Texas who just came to dance. They ordered water and he said he had been dancing since he was 14, growing up in a trailer court where two girls next door needed a dance partner and he had been dancing ever since. I think their names are Burt and Carolyn. They just loved dancing and I had been working on the song Uptown Funk as a one man band style- vocals/guitar/bass drum/tamborine/harmonica all at the same time. I just thought to myself, wouldn’t this make a great video and asked a waitress to record the video on my iphone. Here you go, I hope that these two make your day like they made my night.