Welcome to the new website for Keith Mullins.  The 2015 year for drumming workshops is booking up fast! Over the past 10 years, Keith has taken these presentations to schools coast to coast.  He has presented in front of thousands of students from pre-school to university.  Keith always adapts the workshops to the age group and knowledge base of his audience.

Rhythms of the World

Rhythms of the World takes students back thousands of years in time to the tribal rhythms of Africa, through the migration to the West Indies, and back to 21st Century North America and Europe. The first 30min. is spent on an interactive presentation, explaining how drums are made/played, where they originate, and how they are utilized in today’s world. This part of the presentation will be followed by a 30 min. student/teacher performance. Subjects covered include African/world history, music, performance, physics/science(sound theory), geography, and phys. Ed.

Duration: 1 hour

Full day hands-on

This one is similar to “Rhythm’s of the World” but developed for a full school day of workshops. The students will visit the instructor, one class at a time for a full day of hands-on drumming. The instructor will teach each class a different rhythm and/or song. Then at the end of the day there is an interactive 1-hour performance where the rhythms/songs learned in class are performed to the whole student body ending with a performance by the teachers to knock everybody’s socks off.

Topics included:
different sounds of the drum, how a drum is made, learning African rhythms, and playing in a group.

Duration: 1 full school day

More info:

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Songwriting workshop

This workshop/presentation will feature Keith Mullins in a 1-hour session with pre-selected students (no experience necessary, but students interested in writing or music would be an asset).  The presenters guide the students in writing 1-2 songs.  Then Keith will spend the second hour recording the song with the students either a recording or youtube video.  After the recording session is through, Keith will present a 1-hour highly participatory and educational performance.  For the finale of this show, Keith and the student-writers perform the co-written songs in front of the student body.  It is designed to teach students about what it takes to be a working musician, working with different music styles, versality and playing different instruments, recording studio tracks, and performance . This workshop is   adaptable to any age group, it instills confidence in creative processes and shows students ways to pursue their passions.


Here’s what Mr. Corey at Sir James Dunn Academy had to say about this presentation:

Keith’s songwriting workshop is a highly engaging, hands-on opportunity for students to create an original song, from scratch, in one hour flat, and then, in an adrenalin-producing moment of instant fame, see their song performed in front of the school and a slew of newly converted fans. It took Keith a grand total of two hours to inspire the students, turn them into polished songwriters, and amalgamate them into a single student “supergroup” ready to perform for the entire school. Their workshop is something our students will never forget.