Pre-Order for my next album! CAMPAIGN COMPLETED!!!

So.  I went to EGREM studios in Havana, Cuba to record my next album called “Island Sol”. What an amazing trip we had.  The album won’t be released until the fall but you may see a summer single release.  The title track from the album is a co-write with Lennie Gallant. Jimmie Inch and Ian McInnis will bring their cameras and will make a documentary and help with some music videos. Newfoundland’s Chris Kirby will co-produce the album and bring his all-round musical greatness to the project. I would like to release a copy in English and another in Spanish.  Here is a broken down version of “Island Sol” shot by Ian McInnis on a deck in Havana, Cuba:

Last February we started some demos/bed tracks.  Oliver Rey and Avi Garcia from the band Havana D’Primera played drums/bass and Silvio Pupo from Hoguin played keys, I played guitars/percussion.  Here is one track that we’ve almost finished,  I’d like to add Cuban background singers and horns.  The song was written by myself, Thom Swift, and Steven Bowers with 10 students in Northern Alberta:


I’m open to any offers, special considerations, deals, barters, etc. “PAYPAL CONTRIBUTE” button is at the top right of the page

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