Speak Up Speak Out with East Coast Sessions! Featuring Rheo Rochon and Phonogarde!

Here’s a new vid shot in our new kitchen. Jimmie Inch and Ian McInnis came out to the farm to shoot songs and an interview for their TV show, East Coast Sessions. Here is one of the songs written by myself-(Keith Mullins), Thom Swift and Steven Bowers when we were in northern AB on Keith Mullins/Thom Swift Youth Song Project

I dreamt the chords to the song, awoke at 5:30ish and woke Thom up as I was playing the chords…..He looked at me, blurry eye tired as I apologized and said if I didn’t get them down quick after my dream, I would surely forget them. We left for Fort McMurray Composite High, and wrote this song with the students in one hour.

Coincidently, the other song in the TV sessions that myself, Rheo, and Phonogarde play is also song that I dreamt….but I had dreamt the song in full while at Ham Jam Music Festival 2011.

Anyway, here’s the 1st vid, I hope you like it and please share along if you do like it.



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